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Pontiac’s resurgence is truly grassroots driven and color blind. There are no major donors or benefactors fueling it, and the victories never make national headlines, but the spirit of Pontiac’s of determination continues after the city emerged from bankruptcy and turns its attention to rebuilding it glorious industrial past.

The project seeks to restore and rehabilitate 3 target exteriors of an initial “8 legacy homes” that are blighted and have been vacant for years. The strategy entails following a successful model from Indiana Landmarks to restore the exteriors to foster revitalization in the neighborhood. The effort will partner with the Michigan Historic Preservation Network (MHPN) to develop a preservation trades program that will teach aspiring trades students to learn the techniques and approaches to renovate and repair historic buildings using the GM Modern Housing legacy homes as their working labs, and transition those properties to new home owners as part of the area’s rebirth.

Located just off downtown Pontiac, this project kicks off a celebration of the neighborhood’s 100th anniversary in 2019 and will be the capstone to the bicentennial of Oakland County in 2020. All the while fueling the revival of downtown Pontiac and its surrounding neighborhoods.

Why the GM Modern Housing community was selected

GMMH embodies the diversity story that is Pontiac.  It a neighborhood that crosses boundaries in terms of race, gender, national origin, sexual orientation, age, and income. It symbolizes the qualities sought out by the grant funders along with numerous historic structures threatened by decline and demolition in this neighborhood that is officially listed to the National Register of Historic Places. Those reasons combined made the GMMH neighborhood of Pontiac a perfect candidate, and met all the eligibility requirements of the grant funders to be considered for this exciting opportunity.

GM Modern Housing Neighborhood Association

Main Street Oakland County
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